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WP6: Dissemination

Researchers in WP6 will assist in the dissemination of results of the ASTERIX project, e.g. by setting up dissemination platforms like this website. In addition, they will increase the acceptability and stimulate implementation of improved methodological standards and regulatory guidance for rare diseases, through active involvement of stakeholders in the ASTERIX project.

Early in the project, a Patient Think Tank will be set up in which patient representatives collaborate with the researchers across the project to optimize the methods of information gathering and ensure a process of constant feedback.

As such, researchers in WP6 will aim to provide:

  • Identified needs of patients, industry and regulatory bodies in new and improved methodology for clinical trials for small populations;
  • Structured patient feedback (Patient Think Tank) to optimise information gathering and patient participation;
  • Raised awareness amongst stakeholders on the need for novel methods for clinical trials for small populations.


Leader WP6: Dr. Egbert Biesheuvel, Statisticians in the Pharmaceutical Industry


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