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Patient registry Collection of information about individuals, usually those with a specific diagnosis or with specific risk factors for a disease. This enables researchers to find and contact patients for participation in clinical trials. In addition, patients' clinical and genetic details can be collected and made easily available for the researchers.
See also: www.eupati.eu/glossary/patient-registry


Patient-relevant outcome measure (also known as patient-reported outcome measure, patient-focused outcome measure, PRO or PROM) Outcomes from medical care that are important to patients, such as quality of life. In other words, the care experience is viewed through the eyes of patients and their support groups to ensure that their concerns are also addressed.
See also: www.eupati.eu/glossary/patient-reported-outcome


Patient Think Tank Group of patients involved in the development of research and/or healthcare policies.


Personalised medicine Medical model that proposes to customise medical decisions, practices, and treatments for the individual patient. It uses targeted medicines aimed at specific molecules that are involved in the patient's disease and takes genetic, clinical, environmental, and lifestyle information about the patient into account.
See also: www.eupati.eu/glossary/personalised-medicine


Power (of a study) Ability of an experiment or study to detect an effect, if the effect actually exists.
See also: www.eupati.eu/glossary/power


Principal Investigator (PI) Scientist in charge of an experiment or research project.